Survey of Regulatory Compliance Costs

Statistics Canada's Survey of Regulatory Compliance Cost on the impact of paperwork burden on small business is a key component of the Government of Canada's Paperwork Burden Reduction Initiative (PBRI). The Statistics Canada Survey is a triennial survey that focuses on small businesses, given their importance to the Canadian economy and the challenges they face in complying with information obligations stemming from government regulations.

The survey has two primary objectives. The government seeks to:

The survey was designed in partnership with Industry Canada. It consists of two parts:

The survey examines key federal, provincial and municipal regulations and information obligations related to:

In addition to specific questions about each of the above, the survey includes questions about the firm's overall experience with government regulations, as well as business demographics. Information regarding demographics makes it possible to organize respondents under five employment size categories, five industry sectors and different geographic regions (Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairies and British Columbia).

2011 Survey Iteration

SME Regulatory Compliance Cost Report—September 2013

2008 Survey Iteration

Results from the 2008 Survey Iteration provide a first look at whether the costs of paperwork burden has changed over the last three years. Several aspects related to paperwork burden are examined and new insights on cost savings, reinvestment, methods of compliance, and external service provider assistance are gained.

2005 Survey Iteration

Results from the 2005 Survey Iteration establish a series of quantitative benchmarks with which to track changes in various dimensions of paperwork burden over time.

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